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  • This week I want to talk about the four stages of learning or the four levels of competence.

    I briefly touched on this a little while ago in a book review I did for a book called “Nudge” and I said I’d do a video for you, so here it is!

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  • This week i’m going to talk about naysayers. So when you get your first business idea and you start to round it out and your are starting to piece it together, it’s a really natural thing to want to go and talk to those around you to get some feedback and get some input and to just check that your ideas one that is going to have a bit of legs to it.

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  • One of the best things about being your own boss is that you are in control of your income. Working in a normal job usually means that dramatically increasing your income month on month is quite unlikely. By starting your own business, providing everything goes to plan, the sky is the limit.

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  • What is keyword research?

    Keyword Research is finding out what words or phrases you want to rank in search engines for. When you are new content for your website like product descriptions, articles or landing pages it is good to focus on Keywords to help you get more relevant traffic.

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