This week I want to talk to you about this theory that kind of floats around business circles, that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

So a lot of you may have heard this theory before, but my brother and I were speaking were speaking about it recently and we thought we had something to share. The theory goes like this; if you hangout out with five footballers, you are going to become the sixth footballer playing football on Saturdays in the park. If you hang out with five businessmen or women you will become the sixth businessman or woman. The theory goes further to say that if you hang out with five millionaires and you will become the sixth millionaire.

Now my brother and I were thinking about this and we hang out with a really big variety of people we hang out with people who are singers and people who are artists, our wives and girlfriends are definitely not involved in the business world. We think that it’s not necessarily a bad thing to hang out with people that aren’t necessarily interested in the same things that you are. Now don’t get us wrong we don’t think it should be hanging out with un-aspirational people. But we don’t think to have aspirations yourself you have to hang out with aspirational people.

So, cut the bad people out of your life. People perhaps that are always down in the dumps or always saying negative things. Those kinds of people we definitely think we can get rid of. But to become successful in business do we just have to hang out with successful businesspeople? We definitely don’t think so. We enjoy hanging out with our friends and family and different elements to wildlife and really makers a more rounded person more rounded individuals and make the smaller (most important parts of life) more enjoyable.