We put together 9 of our favourite TED Talks on business to motivate you.

  1. Start with why – Simon Sinek – 18m01s

In this video Simon Sinek talks about the “Golden Circle”. I found this to be a really interesting way to look at a business. If everybody focused on why they were doing it and made sure that why was for the right reasons, the world would undoubtedly be a better place.

  1. The gospel of doubt – Casey Gerald -18m19s

One of the best speeches I have ever seen. Hands down. I would really recommend it. Even if you’re not in what Casey Gerald is talking about you will be moved by the way in which he speaks.

  1. Trial, error and the God complex – Tim Harford -18m06s

I didn’t like Tim Harford style in this talk, but the content was great. He tells a story well and this is always key in keeping people engaged (including myself)

  1. How Airbnb designs for trust – Joe Gebbia – 16m00s

Great story of how Air Bnb started. Wasn’t sure about Joe Gebbia’s style at first but got used to him. I thought his perspective of how investors thought his idea was terrible when he first pitched it was really insightful. Would recommend if you are currently in the middle of launching a start-up.

  1. Why We Do What We Do – Tony Robbins – 22m30s

Tony Robbins is probably the most famous life coach in the world. As you would expect Tony gives a pretty motivational speech. Although I’m not usually in to this style of TED talks, I would still recommend it as it has some gems along the way (even if he does use Lance Armstrong as an example of a good person).

  1. Secrets of success in 8 words – Richard St. John – 3m46s

Richard St. John talks about why people succeed. Over 7 years he interviews 500 people and boils it down to 8 different things. It’s a nice quick talk that you can watch whilst drinking a coffee (or a yerba mate).

  1. Build a tower, build a team – Tom Wujec – 7m22s

Tom Wujec talks about the “marshmallow problem”. A team-building exercise that involves dry spaghetti, one yard of tape and a marshmallow. Each team gets given the same materials and have to build the tallest tower that can support a marshmallow.

  1. Lead like the great conductors – Itay Talgam – 23m23s

In this talk, Itay Talgam describes the leadership styles of several 20th century composers. Some of their methods have positive effects and some negative

  1. How Too Many Rules at Work Keep You from Getting Things Done – Yves Morieux – 16m38s

This talk is about how productivity decreases when there are too many rules for the team to follow.