About You

Two Schmuck’s aim is to help you in every aspect of your business. You will be able to find a whole range of guides, tips and strategies on coming up with, starting and running your business.

Started by two average schmucks, whose friends repeatedly asked them for advice on starting and running a whole range of businesses. After a while it became increasingly obvious, that it was far more efficient (and less tedious) to write it all down in point people in this general direction.

All of the articles, guides and tools that you see have been developed with you in mind. They usually come from questions that people have sent in. So if you have any questions, please feel free to send them in. You can ask a question here.


Not Sure About Something?

Frustrated with not being able to find out something you need to know about your business? Have a niggling question in the back of your mind that seems to keep coming up?

No question is stupid when it comes to your business. If you a question that you cant find the answer to, feel free to ask us. We can’t guarantee that we know the answer to it, but we have a lot of experience in running SMEs and are happy to help a fellow entrepreneur. If we don’t know the answer, then most likely somebody we know does and we will happily put you in contact with them.

You can send us an email here.

Building Business

Every true entrepreneur loves building businesses. Some even love seeing others building businesses. Seeing something transform from your imagination in to reality is something not everybody gets to experience in life, especially not to the scale that an entrepreneur does. You can find a plethora of free resources here as well as interviews with other entrepreneurs.

Even if you haven’t started a business yet and need to know how to make that move from imagination to reality, you can find the tools to do it here. 

We hope you find all the answers you need on Two Schmucks and if you don’t! Just ask a question.