Amazon Description Editor

We have put an HTML editor together to help you improve the look of your adverts and increase your conversion rates. Amazon only allows certain HTML code in descriptions. Our editor allows you to quickly and easily create adverts that match Amazon’s criteria.

Get Amazon HTML Code

Once you are happy with your description, click the button to get the HTML code.

What is the Amazon HTML Description Tool?

This is an HTML creation tool specifically for Amazon descriptions. Amazon only allows certain types of HTML to be used in their descriptions, so we decided to develop a tool that easily allowed you to create that code to put in to the descriptions on your page.

How does it work?

The text editor works like any other. Simply type (or paste) in what you want in your description then edit it with the tools at the top of the editing box.

Once you are happy with the description, simply click the “Get HTML Description” and copy the text over to wherever you need to input the description. This may be on Amazon itself or in a selling channel management system.

Why can I only use this 5 times?

We have put a limit of 5 uses for non-members. This is to stop automation being used and to make sure that everyone had their fair share of usage.

You can signup for a free membership account if you need to use the tool more than 5 times in a day.

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