E-commerce in Egypt

This is e-commerce data for Egypt. You can find the poulation, internet users, internet penetration here as well as the localised domain extension, official language and other statistics to help build an overall picture of the general online economics of Egypt.

Egypt has the third largest economy in the whole of Africa although it doesn’t necessarily have the e-commerce market to match. As with a lot of other Arab countries, Egypt’s e-commerce market has setbacks including few descent payment options, lack of overall trust in purchasing goods online and mismatched legislation.

Less than 4% of the population have debit cards and a little less than 2% have credit cards. This is an obvious hurdle that has to be overcome before huge gains are seen in the e-commerce market. Many Egyptian banks do not allow their clients to purchase goods online using their debit or credit card. This has not stopped people completely however, it is estimated that almost 3.5% of Egyptian people have bought goods online

For a list of references of all the data on Egypt please visit the Global Statisitics page.

E-Commerce Statistics

Field Value
Average Population Age 25.1
GDP $286,435
GDP Per Capita $10,530
Domain Extension .eg
Household Expenditure $1,139
GDP Per Capita USD $10,530
Household Expenditure USD $1,139
Internet Penetration 48.34%
Internet Users 40,311,562
Most Popular Search Engine Google
Most Popular Market Place Souq, Fatakat, Alibaba
Offical Languages Arabic
Other Languages English and French widely understood by educated classes
Population 83,386,739
Standard Sales Tax 10.00%