E-commerce in Mexico

This is e-commerce data for Mexico. You can find the poulation, internet users, internet penetration here as well as the localised domain extension, official language and other statistics to help build an overall picture of the general online economics of Mexico.

Mexico had $4.4 billion worth of online sales in 2014. These are predicted to reach almost $15 billion in 2020. Retail e-commerce had growth of 32% from 2013 to 2014.

Almost 40% of the population own a mobile phone. Industry analysts predict that by 2 this will be over 50%.

A lot of Mexican people still don’t have faith in the postal system. A recent article in Forbes magazine stated that nearly 60% of Mexican citizens do not have bank accounts. This will surely hinder the growth of the e-commerce market. There are however services in place to get over this. Oxxo is a commonly used payment method in Mexico. It enables customers to pay cash on delivery, opposed to paying for goods upfront.

Regardless of any potential setbacks, industry analysts have predicted that e-commerce sales, will have tripled by 2019.

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E-Commerce Statistics

Field Value
Average Population Age 27.3
GDP $1,291,062
GDP Per Capita $16,950
Domain Extension .mx
Household Expenditure $5,864
GDP Per Capita USD $16,950
Household Expenditure USD $5,864
Internet Penetration 41.13%
Internet Users 50,923,060
Most Popular Search Engine Google
Most Popular Market Place Amazon, Mecardo Libre, ebay
Offical Languages Spanish
Other Languages Mayan, Nahuatl, and other regional indigenous languages
Population 123,799,215
Standard Sales Tax 16.00%

Mexico Ecommerce Market Value Billion US Dollars