E-commerce in The Netherlands

This is e-commerce data for The Netherlands. You can find the poulation, internet users, internet penetration here as well as the localised domain extension, official language and other statistics to help build an overall picture of the general online economics of The Netherlands.

The Netherlands has one of the highest Internet penetration percentages in the world. The e-commerce market in the Netherlands was valued at over $11.5 billion in 2015. That is almost 8.5% of the total retail industry. Although 85% of Internet users already shop online, industry analysts say that this is still growing. It is estimated that online sales will reach $12.85 billion in 2017.

iDeal is the most used online payment method and Dutch people. Created by the Dutch banking system, iDeal processed 180 million transactions in 2014 alone. You were planning on expanding into Holland, you will need to be aware that the Dutch tend not to use credit cards, when shopping online. Unlike the rest of Europe 54% of all transactions are done using iDeal.

Over 90% of Dutch people have a decent level of English. This doesn’t necessarily mean that as a foreign merchant you shouldn’t translates your adverts, but it does mean that if you don’t have the resources to, this won’t necessarily rule you out completely.

For a list of references of all the data on The Netherlands please visit the Global Statisitics page.

E-Commerce Statistics

Field Value
Average Population Age 42.1
Average Transaction Value 88.73
GDP $880,716
GDP Per Capita $47,131
Domain Extension .nl
Household Expenditure $18,967
GDP Per Capita USD $47,131
Household Expenditure USD $18,967
Internet Penetration 96.08%
Internet Users 16,143,879
Most Popular Search Engine Google
Most Popular Market Place Marktplaats, Amazon, bol
Offical Languages Dutch, Frisian
Population 16,802,463
Sales Per Shopper USD 993.66
Standard Sales Tax 21.00%
Total Online Shoppers 8.30 million
Total Online Spend USD 8.25 billion

The Netherlands Ecommerce Market Value Billion US Dollars