E-commerce in Turkey

This is e-commerce data for Turkey. You can find the poulation, internet users, internet penetration here as well as the localised domain extension, official language and other statistics to help build an overall picture of the general online economics of Turkey.

E-commerce sales in Turkey reached €6.34 billion in 2014. It has one of the quickest growing online markets worldwide. Some analysts estimated that the total market grew 35% in 2014 alone. Reaching an overall online market value of over $7 billion.

There are approximately 7.9 million online shoppers in Turkey and they spend approximately €1,245 each annually. The growth has been quick due to the wide use of debit and credit cards in the country as well as there being a good and reliable postal service.

There are around 12,000 online businesses in Turkey. They sell goods in both the domestic and international markets.

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E-Commerce Statistics

Field Value
Average Population Age 29.6
GDP $798,332
GDP Per Capita $19,226
Domain Extension .tr
Household Expenditure $5,975
GDP Per Capita USD $19,226
Household Expenditure USD $5,975
Internet Penetration 46.62%
Internet Users 35,358,888
Most Popular Search Engine Google
Most Popular Market Place sahibinden.com, n11.com, GittiGidiyor
Offical Languages Turkish
Other Languages Kurdish, Dimli, Azeri, Kabardian
Population 75,837,020
Standard Sales Tax 18.00%