Global E-commerce Data & Statistics

This is a list of ecommerce statistics for every country in the world. This can be used to help your international expansion strategies or just to give you an insight in to the global ecommerce marketplace at the moment.

On the interactive map you won’t find every country. If you are looking for data and statistics on countries that don’t feature on the interactive map then please click on the specific country link below. Likewise if you would like a more in depth profile of a countries ecommerce industry, please also click on the country below.



Please Note

The “Official Language” in some countries, is not the most commonly spoken. In these cases we have tried to put the percentage that each language is spoken.

Where Youtube (or similar) is more popular than a “traditional” we have tried to state this by showing both sites e.g. Youtube/Facebook

Where we believe that the Alexa results are skewed we have changed the results according. For example Amazon comes above Rakuten in terms of Alexa rank.

Where a selling channel is popular but the country uses more than one, we have tried to put the country code of the most popular version of that site (i.e.

It is important to remember that even if a selling channel is in the top 3 places, it may not receive that much traffic. This is why we have tried to include other metrics like “GDP “and “average online spend”.

Some of the Market Places we have listed are infact classified websites and perhaps not B2C friendly. We wanted to include them so that you can understand what are the popular ways to shop in any given country.

We have left out product specific market places i.e. Second Hand Car Selling Websites


  1. Languages Spoken in each country
  2. Average Age of Poulation 2014
  3. Most Popular Search Engine
  4. Population, Internet Users, Internet Penetration for all countries other than the ones stated below
  5. Population, Internet Users, Internet Penetration for Palestine
  6. Population, Internet Users, Internet Penetration for Réunion & South Sudan
  7. Population, Internet Users, Internet Penetration for Saint Lucia & Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  8. Population, Internet Users, Internet Penetration for Taiwan
  9. International Monetary Fund GDP (2014)
  10. World Bank GDP per Capita (2014)
  11. World Bank Average Household Expenditure Estimation (2014)
  12. Total Online Spend 2014 Transactions On Mobile Devices
  15. Top 3 Marketplaces were found out using “Alex Rank”
  16. Most Popular Social Media statistics were found using the “Alexa Rank”.