Twitter provides a free platform that enables you to reach millions of active users all around the world, as well as in your local area. Building your brand can take time and effort, but Twitter gives you the opportunity to build a strong brand without the need for expensive advertising campaigns.

Create a Strong Profile

A strong profile that appeals to your intended audience makes a big difference to the success of any Twitter campaign. Your Twitter profile is your only chance to make a good first impression on other users and potential customers. Use your profile, image and Twitter page to project a trustworthy impression of your business. Profile names, images and and tag lines should be the same across all of your social media accounts, websites, blogs and online communications. Use appropriate keywords and phrases in your profile, as other users can search for connections by keyword. Remember to include links to your website and other social media accounts on your profile.

Plan Ahead

Planning a strategy for your Twitter campaign increases the chance of a successful outcome. Research the social media habits of your customers, potential customers and competitors to gather information that will enable you to plan an effective strategy. Monitor successful promotions run by your competitors to see how they interact with Twitter users. Set a specific goal and create a step-by-step plan to help you achieve it.

Get Involved

Bombarding Twitter users with marketing messages rarely works, as most users have learned to ignore blatant marketing material. The best way to reach potential customers is to get involved and contribute to the Twitter community. Participate in conversations, support good causes and add interesting content that informs or provides value to your followers. Use popular hashtags to get involved with lively conversations and reply to other users.

Build Relationships

Twitter marketing works best when it’s based on long-term relationships between businesses and customers. Interact with your customers, potential customers and other Twitter users on a regular basis. Welcome questions about your business and products, run competitions that engage your followers and re-tweet interesting content from other users. The more you participate in the Twitter community, the easier it will be to develop lasting relationships with your customers.

Twitter is a highly effective marketing tool for businesses looking to build their brand. To gain the maximum benefits from Twitter marketing, set realistic goals and spend time building lasting relationships with other Twitter users.