This week i’m going to talk about naysayers. So when you get your first business idea and you start to round it out and your are starting to piece it together, it’s a really natural thing to want to go and talk to those around you to get some feedback and get some input and to just check that your ideas one that is going to have a bit of legs to it.

It can be really important and really great to do so.

The problem comes when you get these rebuttals. When you get these naysayers. They say things like “where are you going to get the money from” or “if it was such a great idea 100 people would already be doing it” or “there are already 100 people doing it how you ever going to survive in that industry” and it can be really, really crushing.

I know I was one of those kids at school that had an idea minute and I took some of them to the people around me and they got shot down. Now the catch-22 is this. They needed shooting down. Some of them weren’t great business ideas. But it was also where I was giving my advice from that was the problem.

So if you’re starting to form your business idea, here are two little ideas for you.

1. Head to someone and get your advice in our experience in the area. Someone like an entrepreneur, business man or woman or an inventor. At least this way the understand what you’re going through and have a better perspective on the situation.

2. Even once you’re getting advice from the right source. Filter it. You know what’s best for you at the end of the day. You truly understand what your idea is.

So listen to the advice take it on board but don’t take all of it to heart.