We thought it was about time we did a review of Terapeak. Many of you will have heard us talking about it at some point. It’s going to be obvious from the start that we love it, but it may not be for the same reasons you do, so please leave comments at the bottom saying whether or not you love it too!

Terapeak Review

Terapeak – wow – let me just start by saying if you are in e-commerce and you don’t already have this tool then your world is about to be really shaken up.

I first got Terapeak about 3 years ago and I still use at least once a week. At $19.98 per month (at the time of writing) it is without doubt the best bang for buck or ROI that I have ever got.

So what is Terapeak?

It is essentially a market research tool at its very heart. When it first started out it was specifically for eBay and Amazon sellers but has now massively expanded its wings.

When it first started you could login type in the Name or a Seller on eBay and back at you would be a world of information. This is still the main function I use today. Let me explain by example:


I have just put in “Gas Tank” in to the Product Research Tool. This is not a product I have ever sold, or even ever thought about selling. After putting this keyword in to Terapeak however, I can make an informed decision as to whether or not it is even worth selling. Now I know at a quick glance in the last 7 days on eBay alone that £403,730.98 worth of products with “Gas Tank” in the title have been sold, 18,511 listings with a Sell Through Rate 48.85%. The sell through it not great but ok I will bite.


With one click I can now see a list of the top sellers that have sold listings with “Gas Tank” in the title….. am-autoparts seems to be doing quite well £25,673.76 in the last 7 days. I would not mind a slice of that. Lets see what exactly they’re selling.

Another click and I can see all of his top products.


Turns out that “Gas Tank” is not even close to his best product last week they sold £4,606.19 or shocks for a Toyota Corolla.

This is actually the section of Terapeak that is most useful / deadly if you are already a seller on eBay or Amazon.

If you are anything like me, you’ll know who your biggest competitor is already. You’ll know which of their listings outrank yours, what kind of feedback they are getting and where their family lives (just kidding). Terapeak allows you to see lots more information, like the volume and turnover of their sales, which you massively can use to your advantage.

ebay-search-terapeak-reviewYou can do competitor research. Say we are am-autoparts if we go on to eBay there is a company called apxautoparts at the top of the listing for and a quick look at there stats says that they are out selling am-autoparts by a country mile. Might be time for am-autoparts to do some reasearch on what they could be selling and how they should be selling it.

That was it when I first signed up that was about all you could do and it still blew my mind away and made me a lot of money.

Since then they have only got better. You can now not only do Product and Competitor Research but what’s “Hot” to find out what is trending, and “Category” to research your market.

Terapeak has also added the ability to link your accounts and track your sales. Which is good but I think there are better ways to do this with more information like Linnworks.

They have a search tool to find products on selling channels to then be able to do the research. Again nice touch but does not do the damage a little time on the channel its self can do.

alibaba-product-search-terapeakFinally Terapeak just added a sourcing integration with Alibaba. To be honest I think your time is better spent on Alibaba. Alibaba can return some weird products at the best of time and while I really like what Terapeak is trying to do here, it has just missed the point a little. The quality of the data feed in to the search I do not think is good enough to give productive results. Search for our original “Gas Tank” and we got back a everything from a Semi Truck to a 4X4.


All in all Terapeak is a great tool for anyone that wants to rule the roost of the major selling channels. Sign up to get a free trial and you’ll see why everyone is loving it so much. We have added it to our tools page under other peoples tools we recommend. If you have had an experience with Terapeak good or bad, please leave a comment below and let us know.