External Tools

Here at Two Schmucks we only want to let you know about products that we a) Use and b) Love! We try to give most of these to you for free but some times someone has just done it so well that we can not help but take our hats off and send you in their direction. So here is a list of tools that, like we said, we use daily in some of our businesses.

With some of the links to these services we have set up Affiliate Links.

What does that mean?

Well to put it simply we will make a little bit of commission if you sign up. Don't worry you will not be charged any extra.

What do we use this money for?

Keeping this site free! It does not cost much to keep the site online but we do have hosting costs and the development costs for all of the free tools. Trust me on this one we are not making loads of money, it just helps.

So should you help out and sign up to all of them?

Definitely not! We recommend them because we think they are great but only sign up if they are right for you!