Ebay is one of the biggest marketplaces on the internet. You may just be starting out buying or selling on it, but did you know that there are specific ebay shops for different regions?

There 157 million users on ebay as of mid 2015 and selling internationally is the only way to reach all of them.

“But which region should I target first!!??” you ponder.

Well ponder no more….. Here is a handy list of all of the ebay domains for you to help you target different regional audiences. You may come to the conclusion that ebay isn’t the right platform to target each country.

Australia – ebay.com.au

ebay.com.au celebrated its 15th birthday in September 2014 and that wasn’t all it had to celebrate.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 6,120,000 times a month in Australia.
  • There are over 8 million Australians using the site every month.
  • Over those 15 years over 681 million transactions took place.

With over 85% of items being brand new, ebay has lost its image of selling just quirky or second hand items in Australia.

If you are in based in Australia we have great news for you ebay have stated that 1 in 5 sellers earn between $50,000 and $200,000 annually.

Austria – ebay.at

Launched in 2000 ebay.at was at first a part of ebay Germany. Since then it has grown in to quite a popular marketplace for Austrians to purchase items online. A few facts and figures for you:

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 673,000 times a month in Austria.
  • ebay Austria is in German (just in case you didn’t guess) so is often an obvious choice for sellers to expand in to at the same time as ebay.de.

Belgium – ebay.be

Although ecommerce is big in Belgium most of the products are sold by sellers outside of Belgium. ebay is the leading online marketplace in Belgium is a good place to advertise your products.

  • The Belgian version of ebay comes in both Dutch and French.
  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 1,000,000 times a month in Belgium.
  • In 2012 24% of products sold online in Belgian were sold by sellers outside of Belgium. That is almost twice the European average!
  • 65% of the products searched for by Belgians are not sold by any shops within Belgium.

Canada – ebay.ca

Launched along side ebay Japan and Austria, ebay.ca was introduced to Canadians in 2000. Although we would recommend ebay as a part of your plan for expansion, Amazon.ca is growing in popularity year on year and has even over taken ebay.ca.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 3,350,000 times a month in Canada.
  • Canadians spend $1 Billion annually on ebay
  • In 2013 Amazon.ca took over Ebay.ca in dollar for dollar sales

China – ebay.cn

A year after Canada ebay tried to expand East to China. Unfortunately for them it wasn’t as successful as their European ventures and they never managed to get much of the market share.

  • Alibaba and TaoBao are much more popular than ebay in China.
  • ebay and TaoBao’s owner Jack Ma had an advertising “war” which was subsequently won in most peoples opinion by Ma.
  • Tao Bao translated in to English means “Digging for Treasure”
  • Online shoppers in China spend an estimated $626 each online every year

Although there aren’t many buyers in China there are certainly a lot of sellers.

France – ebay.fr

Being started by a person born in France you would expect ebay to do pretty well in France. And it did alright!

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 9,140,000 times a month in France.
  • Online shoppers in France spend an estimated $1,228 each online every year
  • There was almost €45 Billion spent online in France in 2012

Germany – ebay.de

ebay.de has always been one of our favourite European online market places. We have always found that this is one of the best places to target first in Europe simply because of its sheer volume of users.

  • German ebay Users spend almost 15% of their total intenet usage on ebay.de
  • Ebay.de has over 21 million unique monthly users
  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 30,400,000 times a month in Germany.
  • Online shoppers in Germany spend an estimated $1,064 each online every year

Hong Kong – ebay.com.hk

ebay launched in Hong Kong in 2003. ebay is not particularly popular in Hong Kong and is not something we have considered as a place to list our items in the Far East.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 90,500 times a month in Hong Kong.
  • Similar to mainland China, TaoBao is considered the main online marketplace in Hongkong. According to Alexa TaoBao is the 7th most popular site in Hong Kong.

India – ebay.in

Ebay India - ebay.in

Ebay India – ebay.in

India’s ecommerce industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and ebay is right at the forefront of this huge expansion.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 2,240,000 times a month in India.
  • At any given time there are about 1.1 million listings on ebay.in
  • There are 2.1 million active users on the Indian version of ebay

Ireland – ebay.ie

There have been a few controversies between Ireland and ebay in the past but it may still be a good avenue to go down to grow your business:

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 550,000 times a month in Ireland.
  • You can use the same adverts as any other English advert
  • Way back in 2007 ebay claimed to be used by 53% of internet users

Italy – ebay.it

Ebay.it launched back in 2001 before any other major ecommerce marketplaces had fully established themselves. Although we do think that Italy as a whole is a pretty good marketplace to target, some of you guys have told us about the problems you have encountered since selling on ebay.it

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 11,100,000 times a month in Italy.
  • A lot of our users have complained of items going “missing” in the Italian postal system. Ultimately this results in bad feedback for items not turning up.
  • A lot of ebay sellers flat out refuse to ship to Italy, which shows you that there are issues …… but perhaps less competition.

Japan – ebay.co.jp

ebay is in the shadows compared to the mighty Rakuten and Yahoo Auctions in Japan.  ebay tried to launch back in 2001 and even briefly closed in 2002 for reasons that can’t be pinned down by us to this day (however we have a pretty good idea!!)

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 201,000 times a month in Japan. Which really isn’t very many when there are over 127 million people living in Japan.
  • Rakuten has 9 million credit card customers and more than 75 million users in Japan
  • Pay Pal is not a popular payment method in Japan
  • Online shoppers in Japan spend an estimated $968 each online every year

The Netherlands – ebay.nl

ebay and Amazon aren’t the “big players” in The Netherlands. Wehkamp and Bol are thought as the go to market places by our friends over in Holland.

  • If you go by Google searches alone Wehkamp is in first place at 1,500,000 monthly searches. Bol.com ties with ebay for second place at 450,000 searches and Amazon comes  in last at 201,000.
  • The Dutch ecommerce industry was worth 13.96 billion euros in 2014
  • iDeal is the preferred payment method in The Netherlands.

The Philippines – ebay.ph

ebay entered The Philippines in 2004 and has taken a while to get it self ingrained in Filipino minds.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 90,500 times a month in The Philippines.
  • Filipino internet users spend an average of 6.2 hours a day on the internet.
  • It was estimated that there were 30 million internet users in the Philippines in 2013

Poland – ebay.pl

Ebay.pl is reasonably popular but has a smidgen of the market

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 450,000 times a month in Poland. This is really not much compared to the 24,900,000 searches for “Allegro” but is more impressive than Amazon’s 165,000.
  • 65% of Polish people use the internet regularly
  • 75% of those users have bought something online at least once
  • Allegro reportedly has 12.4 million users

Singapore – ebay.com.sg

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 110,000 times a month in Singapore. This is only 3rd place however. In 1st place is Qoo10 with 450,000 and 2nd is Amazon with 201,000
  • Average order value is $223 usd
  • $4.4 Billion Dollars is spent annually online in Singapore

Spain – ebay.es

A lot of people say that ebay is still not the most trusted ecommerce source in the country. However Spanish internet shoppers do still spend a lot online.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 4,090,000 times a month in Spain. Amazon is searched 5,00,000 times. However the real powerhouse is milanuncios.com which gets a whopping 13,600,000 every month. More than Amazon and ebay combined.
  • Online shoppers in Spain spend an estimated $849 each online every year
  • Internet penetration in Spain is 65.5%

South Korea – global.gmarket.co.kr

G Market - gmarket.co.kr

G Market – gmarket.co.kr

ebay wasn’t doing well in South Korea so it decided in 2009 to buy Gmarket  for a reported 1.2 billion to take control of the market.

  • The term “g market” is searched on Google approximately 210,000 times a month in South Korea and the term “ebay” approximately 60,500 times a month
  • Spending on the internet more than doubled from 2012 to 2013 from $14.4 billion to $29.3 billion
  • 62% of people shop on line in South Korea

Sweden – tradera.com

Tradera Logo

Tradera Logo

Tradera was started way back in 1999 and was later acquired in 2006 by ebay inc. The majority of users are Swedish but you do are welcome to list on it if you are a seller from other countries as well.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 450,000 times a month in Sweden, where as “tradera’’ is searched around 1,000,000 times.
  • Tradera has around 2.5 million users
  • Sellers list around 1 million products every month
  • Online shoppers in Sweden spend an estimated $1,446 each online every year

Switzerland – ebay.ch

Although ebay is relatively popular, It’s not as popular as it’s competitor Ricardo.ch. We would still recommend that you do sell on ebay.ch as it does have a healthy user base. But do keep in mind there are alternative sites to boost your sales internationally.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 368,000 times a month in Switzerland. Which is a smidgen of what “ricardo” gets at 1,500,000
  • The Swiss ecommerce market grew 9.7% in 2013 alone
  • The Swiss spent almost €700 million on auction sites or online market places

Taiwan – ruten.com.tw

Ruten - ruten.com.tw

Ruten – ruten.com.tw

The biggest ecommerce platforms in Taiwan are PChome Online, Momoshop, Taobao, Ruten and Rakuten.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 90,500 times a month in Taiwan, where as “ruten” is searched around 201,000 times.
  • “PChome” however is searched approximately 1,220,000 times monthly
  • In 2014 49.5% or transactions made online in Taiwan were done on a mobile

Thailand – export.ebay.co.th

Ebay Thailand - ebay.co.th

Ebay Thailand – ebay.co.th

You may have noticed a running theme with ebay and Asia. If you are planning on expanding East, Amazon and ebay probably aren’t your best bets.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 246,000 times a month in Thailand.
  • In January 2015 Lazada received 20,100,100 page views from Thailand alone
  • According to a recent pole Ebay.co.th wasn’t even in the top 10 ecommerce platforms

Turkey – gittigidiyor.com

ebay bought a minority share in Gitti Gidiyor  back in 2007. 4 years later they went ahead and bought 93% of the company.

  • The term “gittigidiyor” is searched on Google approximately 3,350,000 times a month in Turkey.
  • 53% or the Turkish population use the internet
  • The biggest online stores in Turkey are Gitti Gidiyor, Hepsiburada, Araba.com and Trendyol.
  • Gitti Gidiyor is the Turkish translation of “Going, going, gone”

The United Kingdom – ebay.co.uk

Ebay.co.uk was one of the first sites created by ebay for users outside of the United States. It’s fair to say that the U.K. took it on virtually without a blink. In 2012 ebay’s little British brother took 15% of the small islands share of internet sales. And you can see why:

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 30,400,000 times a month in the United Kingdom.
  • Around 4 million sellers list 1 item or more every single month
  • Online shoppers in the U.K. spend an estimated $1,629 each online every year

United States – Ebay.com

This is the main ebay site and mainly for the United States of America, but some international user to do use it as well.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 45,500,000 times a month in the United States. Where as “Amazon” was searched for approximately 68,000,000
  • Expert often say that Ebay.com has been stagnating for some time
  • Online shoppers in the U.S. spend an estimated $1,804 each online every year

Vietnam – ebay.chodientu.vn

Ebay Vietnam - ebay.vn

Ebay Vietnam – ebay.vn

Lazada are the biggest ecommerce platform in Vietnam followed by Amazon.  ebay still hasn’t managed to get a chunk of the market share here.

  • The term “ebay” is searched on Google approximately 90,500 times a month in Vietnam.
  • According to a recent pole, ebay weren’t in the top 10 most popular ecommerce platforms in Vietnam
  • In January 2014 there were over 36 million internet users. Around 39% of the population

You probably have noticed that ebay is much more popular in the West than the East and if you are a company in the West looking to expand, the USA and Europe is probably the most sensible direction for you. Therefore you will probably find that ebay is a big part of your ecommerce expansion and should definitely be taken in the consideration.

Likewise if you are a company from the East looking to get increase business in the West then again ebay should definitely be in your plan.

But, if you are planning on expanding to market in the East you have to put in a lot more work. Each country comes with a range of different platforms and ebay generally isn’t one of the main ones. It isn’t as easy as it is to list all of your products in most of the major countries in Europe in a few clicks.